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835 N. Greengate Rd.
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Paul Capezzuto

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Make this holiday season merry. Prices effective Tuesday, December 1 through Saturday, December 5, 2015.


Enjoy the flavor of homemade

Make this holiday season merry, with your own rich baked goods.

Fresh Large Eggs, Grade A

Fresh Large Eggs, Grade A

These fresh, natural eggs are perfect for breakfast entrées as well as holiday baking.
2½ dozen tray.


Price: $5.49 per tray

Salted or Unsalted Butter

Your choice. Excellent for baking, cooking, or brushing on vegetables. Approx. 32 - 1 Tbsp. servings.
1 lb. block.

191205, 299405

Price: $2.99 per block
Pure Fine Granulated Sugar

Pure Fine Granulated Sugar

Use for all of your baking needs, or as a garnish. Approx. 1,134 - 1 tsp. servings.
10 lb. bag.


Price: $5.99 per bag

Pure Vanilla Extract

Pure vanilla extract has a smooth, delicate flavor: use in baked goods, candies, and milk products.
1 pint bottle.


Price: $7.99 per bottle

All-Purpose Flour

This quality flour is milled from premium grade hard wheat, and provides expected volume and smooth texture. Approx. 378 - ¼ cup servings.
25 lb. bag.


Price: $6.99 per bag

Cream Cheese

This quality cream cheese is ideal for making cheesecake, frosting, or dip. Approx. 48 - 2 Tbsp. servings.
3 lb. package.


Price: $6.99 per package

Ground Cinnamon

Primarily used in baked goods, this cinnamon features a sweet, spicy flavor with a slight red-hot bite. Approx. 607 - ¼ tsp. servings.
15 oz. container.


Price: $5.99 per container
Heavy Whipping Cream

Heavy Whipping Cream

This quality cream is made with 36% butterfat, holds long-lasting whip, and offers sweet flavor. Approx. 64 - 1 Tbsp. servings.
1-quart carton.


Price: $4.99 per carton

All the flavor without the hassle

Satisfy all your guests with our deliciously easy premade baked goods. Experience quality without breaking a sweat.


Holiday Cookie Dough

This holiday-themed precut shortbread-style cookie dough features tree, star, and bell shapes. While supplies last.
72 - 1.33 oz. cookies per tray.


Price: $9.99 per tray

Gingerbread Cookie Dough

Features a tasty blend of traditional gingerbread spices. Just bake, decorate, and serve. While supplies last.
48 count box.


Price: $8.99 per box
Red and Green Buttercreme Icing

Red and Green Buttercreme Icing

Great for decorating any holiday baked treats.
2 - 14 oz. packs per package.


Price: $4.99 per package

Bake with confidence

We have the accessories you need to ensure you’re baking like the best.

9½" White Rubber Spoonula

9½” White Rubber Spoonula

This white, spoon-shaped spatula makes mixing and spreading ingredients easier.
1 spoonula each.


Price: $3.99
Foil Half Sheet Cake Pan

Foil Half Sheet Cake Pan

Prepare, heat, refrigerate, ship and serve in the same pan. Economical, recyclable material.
1 pan each.


Price: $0.99
Quilon-Coated Baking Sheets

Quilon-Coated Baking Sheets

These single-use baking sheets feature non-stick coating, and prevent burning baked goods. 16 3/8" x 24 3/8" sheet.
50 count package.


Price: $3.99 per package